HR software that scales with your company's needs

By centralizing all employee information and documents in one place, the entire organization works more efficiently.


Choose the perfect modules for your company

The selected modules are customizable if your company's requirements change.


Manage all your employee information in one place

Maintain employee personal information, salary development, skills, training, career development, equipment and documents in use easily and in a controlled manner.

Workant Digital employee folder


Calendar based absence management

The system automatically calculates and maintains the used and accrued vacation balances of employees. A clear holiday calendar makes it easy to plan your seasonal holidays.

Workant Absences & holidays


Easily integrated project hour tracking

Stay up to date on what employees spend their time on during a work day and what projects are the most profitable.

Workant Projects


Follow and promote employee wellbeing

Employees that are feeling well are the most important asset of a company. Follow and promote employee wellbeing.

Workant Wellbeing


Easy time tracking

Employees value user-friendly experiences. Hours can be logged in a browser or using our mobile application.

Workant Time tracking


Employees value user friendly experiences

Using our iOS or Android mobile applications, the most crucial tasks can be done from anywhere.

Workant Mobile application

HR software that scales with your company's needs

All companies are different. Different sizes, different stages, different industries. Needs can change quickly. Workant’s modular HR software allows you to add and remove modules as needed. No slow and lengthy deployment projects – the cloud-based system is at your disposal immediately and always automatically updated to the latest version.

Did we peak your interest?

We have made testing Workant as easy as possible. All modules can be tested for free, without entering payment information.