Shift Planning Software

Simplify your scheduling process with our advanced shift planning solutions, enabling better coordination and smoother operations.

shift scheduling software

Precision meets simplicity

📅 Efficient & Streamlined Scheduling

Dive into Workant’s Shifts Planning module – an intuitive, next-gen solution designed to revolutionize the way companies manage, allocate, and oversee work shifts.

🔍 Say goodbye to scheduling clashes and overlooked shifts. With our user-friendly interface, designing the perfect shift schedule is no longer a daunting task but a delightful experience.

Dive into an intuitive platform where creating timesheets is a breeze. Designed with a modern touch, our software ensures a seamless experience every time.

🌟 Highlights of Workant Shifts Planning

  • Real-Time Access & Updates

    Employees can view and request changes to their shifts, ensuring transparency and reducing scheduling conflicts.

  • Adaptive Shift Templates

    Whether you run fixed shifts, rotational schedules, or on-call rotations, our system molds to fit your unique business demands.


Versatility for every workforce

🔄 Flexibility for All

Recognizing the dynamic nature of businesses, Workant’s Shifts Planning module can accommodate various scheduling needs, from hourly employees to salaried professionals.

🌟 Features of Workant Shifts Planning

  • Customizable Shift Types

    Cater to the unique requirements of your operation, whether it’s day shifts, night shifts, split shifts, or any specialized rotations.

  • Smart Forecasting

    Predict staffing needs based on historical data and trends, ensuring you’re never under or over-staffed.


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Discover how our powerful modules can transform your HR management, workforce scheduling, and employee engagement. Take the first step towards a more efficient and productive future with our risk-free free trial. No payment information needed.

Why Workant Shifts Planning stands out

✅ Automated Conflict Detection

Our system vigilantly spots any scheduling overlaps or conflicts, ensuring a smooth operation.

✅ Employee Preference Consideration

Incorporate employee preferences and availabilities into the scheduling process, leading to higher satisfaction and reduced absenteeism.

✅ Integrated Communication Tools

Send shift reminders, updates, or changes directly through the platform, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

✅ Comprehensive Reporting

Dive deep into scheduling analytics, understanding patterns, preferences, and areas of improvement.



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