Maximize HR Efficiency: Modular by Design

Workant is an all-in-one HR-software solution. Select and utilize modules as and when needed. On computer, tablet, mobile - up to you.

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Unleash HR Potential with Our Modular System

📆 Intuitive Calendar View

At a glance, visualize your entire team's schedules. From time logs to shifts, everything is displayed seamlessly, streamlining your planning and coordination.

💼 Empower Your Employees

Employees aren't just a number. With our platform, they gain control and clarity over their schedules, holidays, and more. Transparency fosters trust, and trust drives productivity.

🌴 Holidays & Absences Simplified

Gone are the days of manual tracking and confusion. Our software automatically logs holidays and absences, making leave management a breeze.

⏳ Real-Time Time Tracking

Experience accurate time logs that ensure fair compensation and facilitate project management. Say goodbye to discrepancies and disputes.

🔄 Automated Balances

Track time and holiday balances effortlessly. With automatic calculations, you eliminate errors and ensure that your team is compensated for every minute they put in.

🔐 Manager's Dream

Managers can easily oversee and approve their team's schedules, fostering efficient team dynamics and ensuring smooth operations.

🌍 Global Ready

Whether your team is local or spread across different time zones, our HR software adapts, ensuring a synchronized and harmonious work environment.

Industry leaders trust us


“Workant's exemplary customer-centric and agile approach charmed us immediately - strong recommendation as a partner!”


Alexander Pihlainen

CEO, Bou

Modular HR-Software: The Future of Flexible HR Management

In the fast-paced world of business, adaptability is key. That's where the strength of modular HR-software shines. Designed to be the perfect ally for the modern business, it's not just a tool – it's a revolution in how companies approach human resources.

Imagine a system that's tailor-made for your organization. With modular design, you're not boxed into functionalities that don't resonate with your needs. Instead, you get a customizable solution that's both cost-efficient and laser-focused on your requirements. Say goodbye to excessive features that do little more than clutter your workspace.

But what about growth? As businesses evolve, their HR needs expand. Modular HR-software is inherently scalable. As you scale your operations, this software adapts in tandem, ensuring you're always equipped with the tools to manage your growing team.

Speed and efficiency are also of the essence. Traditional HR systems can be cumbersome to set up. However, the modular approach simplifies implementation, leading to faster setups and reduced downtime. Add to this a user-friendly interface that's devoid of unnecessary complexities, and you have a system that your HR team will love to use.

Let's not forget about future-proofing. The tech landscape changes rapidly. With a modular system, updating individual components becomes a breeze. No more waiting for overarching system overhauls. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that as you expand and add modules, state-of-the-art security measures protect your data.


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