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all-in-one HR-software solution
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HR ecosystem in one place

📆 Calendar View

See your team’s schedules at a glance. Time tracking and shift planning in one place streamline your planning.

💼 Empower Your Employees

Employees can manage their own schedules and leaves. This transparency builds trust and boosts productivity.

🌴 Easy Leave Management

Automatic logging of leaves and absences eliminates the need for manual tracking.

⏳ Real-Time Time Tracking

Accurate time tracking ensures fair compensation and simplifies project management.

🔄 Automatic Calculations

Track working hours and leave balances automatically. Avoid errors and ensure proper compensation.

🔐 Manager's Tool

Managers can easily monitor and approve schedules, enhancing team efficiency.

🌍 Global Readiness

Our HR software adapts to both local and multi-time zone teams.

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“Workant's exemplary customer-centric and agile approach charmed us immediately - strong recommendation as a partner!”


Alexander Pihlainen

CEO, Bou

Future-Proof HR with Modular Systems

Imagine a system tailored to your organization. With a modular design, you get a cost-effective solution focused on your needs without unnecessary features.

Growth is natural. As your company evolves, so do your HR needs. Modular HR software scales with your business, ensuring you always have the tools to manage your expanding team.

Traditional HR systems can be cumbersome to implement. A modular approach simplifies deployment, speeding up the process and reducing downtime. An intuitive interface without unnecessary complexity ensures your HR team enjoys using the system.

With a modular system, updating individual components is easy. No more waiting for major system overhauls. As you expand and add modules, you can trust that your data is protected with the latest security measures.


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