Master Project Management with Our Projects and Resourcing Module

Struggling with project delays and resource conflicts? Our Projects and Resourcing Module is your solution. Easily allocate resources, gain real-time project insights, and foster collaboration.

Advanced project tracking

โฐ Balanced Workload Distribution

Workantโ€™s intuitive project planning tool allows you to pre-set expected working hours for each project, ensuring an even workload distribution among employees and avoiding burnouts.

๐Ÿ•’ Estimate, Monitor & Elevate

Empower your teams to allocate time to specific projects, offering a transparent view of resource engagement and project progress.


Optimize Projects & Work planning with Workant

๐ŸŒŸ Features of Workant Projects and Planning

  • Holistic Project Insight

    Receive real-time updates and get an unobscured view of the current status of all projects.

  • Profitability Forecasting

    Use data-driven insights to predict the potential profitability of various projects, ensuring a higher return on investment.

๐ŸŒŸ Features of Workant Projects and Planning

  • Flexible Time Estimation

    Whether youโ€™re planning for the short term or the long haul, our system supports work time estimations on both monthly and yearly bases.

  • Resource Allocation Precision

    Strategically allocate sufficient resources to every project, ensuring that no project is left under-resourced or overburdened.


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Why choose Workant for Project & Work planning

โœ… User-Friendly Interface

Our system vigilantly spots any scheduling overlaps or conflicts, ensuring a smooth operation.

โœ… Data-Driven Decisions

Rely on precise metrics and insights to guide project decisions, leading to increased efficiency and profitability.

โœ… Integrated Communication Tools

Send shift reminders, updates, or changes directly through the platform, keeping everyone informed and aligned.

โœ… Integrated Approach

Our system seamlessly integrates with other Workant modules, ensuring a cohesive work management experience.

โœ… Continuous Upgrades

As the business landscape evolves, so do we. Regular feature updates ensure youโ€™re always ahead of the curve.



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