Leave Management Software

Simplify your leave and absence process, decreasing administrative workload.

absence management system

Holidays & Absences with Workant

📅 Seamless Absence Management

Effortlessly track and visualize all absences and holidays for clear planning.

🌟 One-Glance Absence Calendar

View seasonal absences in one place, avoiding overlaps and under-staffing.

🌟 Stay Informed on the Go

Real-time updates on absences ensure smooth project transitions and workflows.


Embrace Automation

💡 No More Manual Hassles

Automate leave tracking and balance calculations with Workant.

💡 Accurate Leave Management

Approved leaves are automatically deducted, keeping records accurate and up-to-date.


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Why Workant’s Holiday & Absence Management Stands Out

✅ Public Holidays Considered

Automatically include national and regional holidays in calculations.

✅ Monthly Balance Updates

Automated monthly holiday balance updates for proactive planning.

✅ Smart Deductions

Automatically subtract approved leaves for accurate balances.

✅ Dynamic & Intuitive

Adapts to your organization’s needs for optimal leave management.



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