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Manage employee leaves and absences with ease using our intuitive tools, designed to streamline the entire process and reduce administrative burden.

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Holidays & Absences with Workant

📅 Seamless Absence Management

The complexities of managing employee leaves during peak holiday seasons can be daunting. With Workant, all absences and holidays are effortlessly tracked and visualized, bringing clarity to planning and operations.

🌟 One-Glance Absence Calendar

Dive into a comprehensive view where seasonal absences are clearly mapped out. See everyone’s scheduled time off during any selected period, all in one place, ensuring no overlaps or under-staffing issues.

🌟 Stay Informed on the Go

With Workant’s real-time absence tracker, be instantly updated about team members’ absence statuses, ensuring smooth project transitions and continuous workflow.


Embrace the power of automation

💡 No More Manual Hassles

Ditch the tedious task of manually tracking leave balances. Embrace automation with Workant, where everything from public holiday considerations to monthly holiday balance calculations is taken care of.

💡 Accurate Leave Management

Workant not only calculates but also deducts approved leaves from the available balance, ensuring accurate and up-to-date leave records.


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Why Workant’s Holiday & Absence management stands out

✅ Public Holidays Considered

Never miss out on national or regional holidays. Workant seamlessly incorporates them into holiday calculations.

✅ Monthly Balance Updates

No more end-of-year rush. Get automated monthly holiday balance calculations ensuring proactive leave planning.

✅ Smart Deductions

Approved leaves are automatically subtracted, ensuring no discrepancies in available leave balances.

✅ Dynamic & Intuitive

Our system is built to adapt and grow with your organization’s needs, always ensuring optimal leave management.



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