Employees that are feeling well are the most important asset of a company. Follow and promote employee wellbeing.

Workant Wellbeing


Follow general work feeling

When employees are entering their tracked hours, they are asked to give a description of their daily feeling on a 1-5 scale. Using this information you can get a general understanding of how employees are feeling at work.

Workant Feeling tracking


Create templates for development discussions

You can create an unlimited amount of different development discussion templates that can be used throughout the company. The employee can answer the discussion question in advance.

Workant Development discussions


Create news and votings

There is a light built-in communication channel within Workant. Write a quick article about a new employee starting, create other company announcements and organize votings for example on team activities.

Workant Communication


Follow and promote employee wellbeing

You can create fully customizable surveys with different answer types and options. Workant automatically creates an extensive report based on the answers.

Workant Wellbeing surveys

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