Time tracking

Employees value user-friendly experiences. Hours can be logged in a browser or using our mobile application.

Workant Time tracking


Automatic time bank tracking

Set the expected weekly work hours for an employee and the system automatically updates the time bank balance.

Workant Time bank


Log hours in real time or afterwards

Hours can be logged in different ways. Some want to log their hours for a month all at once and some want do multiple logs in a day. Workant supports every option.

Workant Different ways to track


Log some of the hours to projects

Employees can target some or all of the worked hours to projects.

Workant Targeting


Log hours using desktop or mobile

You can log hours using a browser on your computer or phone, or by downloading our easy-to-use mobile application.

Workant Mobile


Approvals based on roles

Workant by default has three access levels: Employees have access to their own information. Managers have access to their subordinates' information and Admins have access to all information and company settings.

Workant Approvals

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We have made testing Workant as easy as possible. All modules can be tested for free, without entering payment information.