Digital employee folder

Maintain employee personal information, salary development, skills, training, career development, equipment and documents in use easily and in a controlled manner.

Workant Digital employee folder


Find all information from one place

An employee is able to update their personal- and contact information themselves. The information is split within the folder is clear and easy to understand.

Workant Centralized information


Log information related to competencies, courses or even hygiene passports

Information related to completed courses, training or any other competencies can be added to an employee. Proof of certification and other attachments alongside an expiry date allows following expiring information easy.

Workant Competencies


Templates for development discussions

An unlimited amount of development discussion templated can be created for the company profile, which can be used over and over again. The employee can answer the discussion in advance.

Workant Development


Keep track of assigned equipment and assets

It isn't always easy to remember which equipment, licenses and other company property has been assigned to whom. Workant allows you to to view all assigned equipment easily in a single view.

Workant Equipment


One place for all employment relationship documents

Whether it is employment contracts, sick leave certificates or any other documents related to the employment relationship - they can be stored easily in a single place.

Workant Documents and files

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