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Digital employee folder

Maintain employee personal information, salary development, skills, training, career development, equipment and documents in use easily and in a controlled manner.


The system automatically calculates and maintains the used and accrued vacation balances of employees. A clear holiday calendar makes it easy to plan your seasonal holidays.


Enables project-specific time tracking. During the summer of 2021 coming billing features and comprehensive reporting.


Track the daily work feel of your staff, create comprehensive occupational well-being surveys, hold development discussions, or publish news or polls. Well-being staff is the company’s most important resource – even when working remotely.

Time tracking

Carry out a statutory obligation as an employer by providing employees with an easy and quick way to handle hourly records. Export recorded hours to Excel with one click.

HR-system, that scales with your company

All companies are different. Different sizes, different stages, different industries. Needs can change quickly. Workant’s modular HR system allows you to add and remove features as needed. No slow and lengthy deployment projects – the cloud-based system is at your disposal immediately and always automatically updated to the latest version.

Your data is safe

From the beginning, our top priority has been to make a system whose security meets and exceeds modern requirements. All traffic between our system and the user is encrypted – as is all information stored on the system.

About us

Workant is a software company founded in 2018. We started by developing a recruitment system that would allow employees to have a smoother and better search experience. As we piloted the system, we found that almost all micro and SMEs felt that they already had too many systems to handle HR tasks. Everyone had their own systems for working time postings, holidays and absences, or staff information.

We shifted our focus from recruitment to focusing more broadly on the entire HR area. We wanted to create a system that is comprehensive enough in features, really easy to use, and scalable for businesses of all sizes. Did we succeed here? Give it a try and let us know


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